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Light Inc. is an European think/act tank researching and promoting traditions building a sustainable social harmony. Its main goal is to restore and safeguard a humane meaning in a pluralistic modern society, through education with an emphasis on arts and media content. Light Inc’s work includes research, observation, analysis and writing of reports, and sharing of experiences through photography, films and discussions.


BARBEDOUN is a pop-up bar and creative collective based around diasporic cuisine and culture. The travelling bar explores the alchemy that emerges from a displaced sense of culture, through experiences crafted around the things we enjoy: drinks, food, music and art. BARBEDOUN’s events and projects reflect a nomadic approach to cuisine and culture, whilst also providing space for creative and caffeinated endeavours, including live music, performing arts and visual exhibitions.



Wishful Smiles is a London-based charity working on International projects with the world’s most disadvantaged and underprivileged by providing financial and material aid. Wishful Smiles launches local campaigns and community projects in the UK to teach charity work and promote equality and diversity for the public. Wishful Smiles acts as a resource for young people by providing: advice, assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities, encouraging them to get involved in charitable work.


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Making Herstory is a women’s rights organisation that tackles the abuse, enslavement and trafficking of women and girls. They focus on three areas: campaigning, lobbying and highlighting issues of gender-based abuse and the trafficking of women and girls; providing financial support and resources to women’s shelters; and providing 1-to-1 intermediary / referral support to women and girls in need.


For any information, please contact:
William Barylo
Project Coordinator
07 741 490 729

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